Kolb’s, Bond Bread

UPDATE: Building has been demolished.

“Kolb’s” at top, a local baker.
“Bond Bread” in center.
“FRUIT HEART”? in the center, “5ยข” just below that
and “CHEWING GUM EVER” at bottom.
Numerous illustrations and devices.

The following was  listed in the 1909 Philadelphia City Directory:
Kolb’s Bakeries, 10th and Reed, Broad and Butler, and 56th and Market.

The history of Bond Bread can be traced to 1911, when the General Baking Co. was incorporated in New York as an amalgamation of 19 former baking businesses. Apparently, one of those bakeries was local Kolb Bakery. By 1930 the company owned 50 plants serving cities in 18 states. The production of bread, sold under the trade name of “Bond Bread,” accounted for over 90 percent of its sales and production averaged nearly 1.5 million loaves per day.

There were many competitors in the marketplace, and advertising played a big role. Bond sponsored television programs, ran commercials and ads in magazines, and placed priviledge signs such as this one in neighborhoods.

By the early 1960s General Baking was suffering from increased competition from supermarkets, many of which had begun equipping their stores with their own bakeries. In addition, charges of illegally conspiring to fix bread prices in the Philadelphia and New York area hurt the brand.  By 1972 the company had disposed of virtually all of the Bond division.

Here are images of the location dated 11/13/1953…

…and 3/17/1954…

In both shots you can see the older signage revealing itself.

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19th and Catherine Streets [map]

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