ARCHIVE – Herold’s Sauerkraut Buildings

Visible just past the lot which has become Liberty Lands Park.
Building has been demolished.

Another related building.
“P. Herold and Sons – Packers of Food Products”.
This building has also been demolished.

Taken 18 August 1995. From Xnedski’s Flickr NoLibs Archive.

Wildey at 3rd Street [map]

4 responses to “ARCHIVE – Herold’s Sauerkraut Buildings”

  1. Janet says:

    I'm so glad to have found these old photos of P Herold & Sons. My grandfather and his brothers owned it. Their slogan was "Taste Tells." I spent many happy hours as a little girl watching them make and bottle pickles, relish, chow chow, mustards, sauerkraut, jellies and jams, and on and on. I wish I'd had the foresight as a teenager or young adult to take photos of the old-time industrial processes before the factory was gone. Thanks for bringing back sweet memories of what my family called "the pickle works."

  2. Lawrence says:

    Janet – Thanks for writing in and sharing. I've actually had many family members from businesses depicted in these signs contact me over the years. Glad I could bring these images to you!

  3. imagine4227 says:

    Hi Janet, while going thru some old things of mmy parents (they were from Philadelphia), I found what i believe to be a pickle fork. it's metal and printed on one side is "P.Herold & sons, inc. other side, "taste tells food company". Now that i see what the company produced, i know it's a pickle fork. nice to see things from the past!

  4. Anna Simon says:

    I remember the summers the pickle truck would deliver the pickles and they would throw us pickles that we collected in bags. My brother swam in the pickle vats.

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