James and Karla Murray – STORE FRONT

Just came across photographers James and Karla Murray’s portfolio. Much attention has been focused on their recent collaboration in MOM & POPISM (an installation of their photos (almost lifesize) embellished by street artists on the rooftop of Gawker Media, which opened this weekend – photos here). But I am (of course) more intrigued by the straightforward documentary approach of the storefront photos themselves, as well as the snippets of history that accompany each image.These images have been collected and published in “STORE FRONT – The Disappearing Face of New York”:

StoreFront scours the city and provides an indispensable guide to the city’s timeworn shops. From humble neighborhood stores tucked away on narrow side streets to well-known institutions on historic avenues, anyone with a love of New York City will cherish being given a visual walking tour far beyond the scope of even the most thorough visitor or observant resident.


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