Once named “Roxy’s”
Front vertical columns read “LEATHER GOODS” and “HUNTING GOODS”

Main side panel has various trade names
also “SHOT GUN SHELLS” and a prominent fisherman
Another layered (later) sign – “FOR QUICK RELIEF – HOT DROPS(?) – 10c”

Ground floor, side of building – “MONEY” under recently removed paint

Main sign, isolated.

Seen at a distance in the 1980s. Philadelphia Department of Records. 27 November 2007. <>.

Letitia Street at Market Street in Olde City.
One of my favorites.

2 responses to “Roxy’s”

  1. This one is simply poetic in it’s beauty. I walk to work in our downtown with my camera, and I’ve been photographing old hotels and their signs. I think I will broaden my scope.

    Mage of…….

  2. Dreaming says:

    Wow.. all these photos are beautiful. I got lost looking at all of them. Funny thing is I looked at the clock on my computer(at work) and saw an hour went by and I wasnt working.

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