Before they were Ghosts

This blog focuses on remnants of advertising and signage from a different period as they appear today. Here are some great photographs from the Philadelphia Department of Records showing signage as it was, long before some would become ghosts.

I found these via, a mapping website that allows users to search for, view by location, and purchase thousands of historic photographs dating back to the late nineteenth century.

15-21 and 100 N Juniper Street, 1911

42-44 S. Delaware Avenue, 1898

Front and Girard, 1916

143 Front Street, 1918

Front and Arch, 1918

Ridge and Callowhill, 1930

Market and Water Streets, 1953

Front and Market Streets, 1952

American and Fairmount, 1955

Front and Arch Streets, 1959 Philadelphia Department of Records. 18 November 2007. <>.

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