Siemon & Sons Barrels

“H. Siemon & Sons
Manufacturers of Barrels”

Difficult to shoot due to proximity of the elevated.
Note side brick painted sign.
“BARRELS” barely visible.

This photograph above, circa 1940, shows the signs in much better condition, and quite legible. We can now see that the smaller sign above read “H. Siemon & Sons New Barrels”

UPDATE: Kevin (of bahdeebahdu) writes in to tell me about some exciting plans for this building:

hey lawrence, thought you might be interested in this… i’m working with a client who recently purchased the siemon & sons building. he recently removed some stucco and revealed more signage on the front, just below the El tracks. something to check out maybe.

also, i’m working with him to create faux ghost signage for his business name on the side of the building. we plan on keeping the old look of siemon’s and mixing in some modern brushed aluminum letters too. i’m really excited for all of it to come together…

thanks for the inspiration!

The event space (called Front and Palmer) has a blog with some photos of the additional signage they have uncovered, like below:

Front and Palmer Streets [map]

2 responses to “Siemon & Sons Barrels”

  1. Frank Jump says:

    Great series of shots. Sometimes renting a cherry-picker seems like a good idea. Could have used one in Jersey City this month. Too bad you couldn’t somehow get up on the tracks.

  2. Lawrence says:

    Buildings have been converted into an event space (see here: ) … good news is they've kept, and actually uncovered more, original signage!

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