By all means BUY (?) MILK

“By all means BUY… MILK” at top, “SUPPLEE WILLS-JONES” at bottom.

Here is the location in a photo dated 8/1/1955…

… and the sign is not visible. Painted over?

Tagline could be “By all means buy Gold Medal Milk” as in this photo of a Supplee-Wills-Jones billboard (far right just in front of the car) taken in an unkown area of Philadelphia in 1923… the lettering styles do match up:

A large local dairy and ice cream manufacturer, Supplee-Wills-Jones carried their own brand(s) as well as distributed Sealtest. In 1950 the company was 145 years old – unsure when or if the company was bought or closed. Philadelphia Department of Records. 25 November 2008. <> and
Duke University Digital Collections, R.C. Maxwell Company Records

5th and Fairmount [map]

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  1. Marie says:

    Suplee Wills Jones was the parent company of Sealtest. My uncle ( born 1910) served Sealtest milk from a truck that had no heater or A/C. He used dry ice to keep the milk cold.
    On very early maps of the current area known as West Philadelphia you can see the names of Suplee , and Jones as owners of land ” in the country” just outside the city border, near the Blockley Baptist Church, 55th & Race. Mr. Suplee donated an acre of farmland for the church.
    Later, there was a milk depo at current 69th and Market Streets, with horse and wagon carts bringing Jones & Suplee milk.

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