Esslinger’s Brewery – Plant No. 1

Older, larger sign with “Esslinger” script, covered by newer, yellow-background sign.

Another sign appears far beneath, the only remaining legible section reading “… & SON.”

This could be a remnant of G. Dallett & Son Co., a candle and soap works that occupied the corner space until moving further up Ridge Avenue in 1880. Archival illustration depicts both George Esslinger’s Brewery & Lager Beer Garden and Dallett’s Soap & Candle Manufactury as neighbors on this corner in 1884.

To get a sense of the Esslinger script and color pallette, look at these items: <a href=” target=”_blank””” />beer label, beer can, Quizzie case, serving tray, menu sheet, and model delivery truck. For some history on Esslinger’s, see here.

Ornate corner signage in stone.

More signage in stone.

10th Street and Ridge Avenue [map]

2 responses to “Esslinger’s Brewery – Plant No. 1”

  1. K says:

    If you catch it from the right angle, the “& Son” sign says “Brewery” faintly underneath it. There was a short period of time when Esslinger’s was Esslinger and Son Brewery (1893-1907, and then with “Brewing Co” until the 1920s)

    I’ll try and get a photo soon

  2. I am James Esslinger and George was a distant relative from the past.During prohibition we went under business. I want to re brew our family beer. Leaving Alabama and now Im in Texas im seeking the recipe George used. Do youve have a copy of the original recipe for the brew? a copy is needed. Please email me at Thank You or 817-770-7339

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