“Piedmont” in angled script. You can also faintly make out the outline of a pack of cigarettes just next to and slightly above the “5¢” at the right. There appears to be have been another sign either over or under this sign. There are other words below the main sign, but they have mostly weathered away.

Piedmont was one of the most popular cigarette brands around 1910, no doubt bolstered by the practice of inserting baseball cards in the packs. This helps date the sign to that era.

Very difficult to distinguish, but the script, colors,“5¢”, and general overall layout are consistent with this wall ad in Hartford:

Older photo, via Flickr, taken 18 August 1995 by xnedski

Poplar at St John Neumann Way [map]

2 responses to “Piedmont”

  1. Frank Jump says:

    Hey! Good to see you are back on the fading ad safari. missed you.

  2. JOHN says:

    Beaumont, probably. Riding the EL to Frankford is a great way to spot these. Love the site.

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