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Today the Designphiladelphia blog featured a post about the Philly Ghost Signs Project blog. If you’ve arrived here from the post, welcome! If you haven’t, you can read the full write-up here.

Kevin Derrick, who runs the blog, read a little deeper into the content contained here, beyond just the collection of photos of old buildings:

In doing this work, the photo-journal simultaneously questions our past, present and future all under the beguiling premise of peeling paint… Something of a revelation and altogether extraordinary, certainly.

The blog is the ongoing online presence of Designphiladelphia, a series of events that include studio tours, lectures, exhibitions, workshops, book signings and parties in and around Philadelphia design institutions.

If you have any tips or information on signs that you know about, please send me an email via the link at right. Thanks for looking!

2 responses to “Designphiladelphia Feature”

  1. Mosihe says:

    hi, its great to see someone talking about these signs, i have hundreds of photos of these signs from here, NYC and other cities. i have been calling them “phantom ads.” be glad to share some with you, whats your email? dave

  2. jaejae says:

    this is very interesting form of art hobby… i think i’m getting in for a hitch.

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